Nagarkot Farmhouse is conceived by Sambhu K. Lama and Sabine Lehmann of Hotel Vajra, creating a serenity from where you can experience Nepal\'s natural heritage. The main buidling consists of a renovated old newar house with raised ceiling, tiled floor and a fireplace, it is a place from where you can experience Nepal\'s natural heritage. It has a cozy dining hall with an open fireplace, where you can sit, read, play, look at the mountains or simply chat with the Manager or his crew. There are four rooms with common bath and four with attached and four deluxe rooms. Heaters with radiator systems are fitted for the winter season.

This panorama is the hallmark of Nagarkot Farmhouse. On a clear morning dawn unveils a vista of eastern and the central Himalayan range, from towering Manaslu to the distant pyramid of Mt. Everest.


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Guest review

This Hotel is beautiful. It has intricate details that give it charm. The people are very courteous and friendly. The food is very good too.

Carol Sue Walker